In the past I was really ambitious about indie iOS development. When I was student at university I was eager to create new apps and try out any idea I have. This was more or less successful especially as a student. I made some solo projects that were succeful like TV Maps or PiPifier and I had a crazy time when a friend and me made one of the first iOS Content Blockers back in 2015. All in all I learned a lot from this time but a life goes on new personal and professional challenges come and so my investments in iOS development became smaller. A big goal for this release cylce was to release an app for iOS 14. When I saw the introduction of homescreens widgets and WidgetKit I know this has to be a new version of my app Glimpse that was first released for iOS 8 and enabled webpage widgets for the Today View.

Glimpse 2

The app

SwiftUI, WidgetKit and all that stuff I missed


From my past experience I knew what to expect from a monetization side. I experimented with paid, free with IAP and donation based apps. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. This is not intended to be another iOS indie development is not sustainable and hard - it is but I’m sure there are certain projects where you go all in and you can develop a sustainable bussiness. But not that much with side projects. So my goal with Glimpse 2 is not to earn money. Basically I want that as many people as possible will use this app. Not to develop a userbase but to give a useful tool to those users. In addition I want to try out what value such an app has for users that really use it. Therefore Glimpse 2 is pay what you want. You can give between a range from 0$ to 6,99$. This is also a bit like a donation as you can do this more than once. The app itself will ask the user three times proactivly after adding the second, third and fourth webpage for the widgets. After this never again. If a users gives something on the first time he will never be interrupted again. In addition the screen can be reached through the main view. I hope this raises attention without beeing to annoying. All in all I’m very excited how this will turn out


So this is Glimpse 2. After an absent of 3 years of releasing a new app this feels pretty good. It was a fun process to create the app and because I made the decision of the pay what you want model very early I also felt not much pressure. I’m looking forward to user feedback and to continue to improve Glimpse 2 with the limitation that I do not want to add too much functionality. Glimpse 2 has it basic purpose and it should stay that way. Besides that I also found new spirit to finish or start new side projects, that you will hopefully see here soon.

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