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Getting to know Spatial Computing

The Apple Vision Pro is a fascinating device. The moment I saw the introduction and when I got my hands on the SDK I knew I wanted to make some apps for it. Since many of my past projects are related to web technologies and browser I wondered how Safari on visionOS behaves. While I think Safari is still the best experience for web browsing, I think especially the concept of spatial computing offers many possibilities for widgets. So I started to create an app that lets you have any web page anywhere in your environment.

Infinite web page widgets with ∞Browser

∞Browser Widgtes The result is called ∞Browser (pronunciation: Infinity Browser). ∞Browser lets you have your favorite webpages all around while focusing on the content of the webpage and not on a toolbar or other interface elements a standard web browser offers.

However, some interactions like reload, going back and forward are still required. For this ∞Browser has small buttons on the top of each widget to open a toolbar. The button is so small that is not distracting from the content of the webpage, but interaction with it is still easily possible.

Often used webpage widgets can be pinned to open them quickly while the widget retains the size it had when you closed it. Furthermore it provides advanced options, for example to auto refresh the webpage in a certain time interval. Additionally, the frame of the widget can be locked so the view goes to the same position on reload or when opening again.

∞Browser is the perfect app to have the sports scoreboard right next to your tv, the newspaper on your table, and the diner recipe right in your kitchen while you watch youtube.

See ∞Browser in action here:


∞Browser Features

  • Open any webpage as widget
  • Pin widget for quick reopen.
  • Retain widget size
  • Auto refresh widgets
  • Lock frame on widget
  • Enable transparent widgets for even more immersion.


So this is ∞Browser, my first app for the Apple Vision Pro. I hope this apps lets you experience your favorite webpages in a new way. This feels like the start of whole new journey. I am looking forward to improve ∞Browser and create more new apps for the Vision Pro.

Links and Material

You can get ∞Browser on the AppStore for 3,99$ here.

Want to write about ∞Browser? Here is a presskit (Download the zip). In addition if you have any questions please get in touch.