Glimpse was developed in Karlsruhe, Germany from indie developer Arno Appenzeller. Previous app releases were Pipifier for iOS and macOS, TV Maps for Apple TV and more.

Glimpse was originally created for the iOS 8 TodayView Widgets. The idea was to take the spirit of the OS X Dashboard Safari Widget and bringt it to iOS. With iOS 14 it was immediatly clear that Glimpse needs to have a homescreen widget to see all your website snippets on the new homescreen.

The result is Glimpse 2.

With Glimpse 2 you can always add all your favourite webpages as Widgets to your Homescreen

You want to see if there are news, if there is something new on your favourite webpage, if your long awaited product is available to order or check your used mobile data? You can do all of this with the right webpage inside Glimpse.

Just add a page to Glimpse. Choose the right area of the page and then is the page inside the Glimpse Widget in the Today View of the Notification Center or on your Apple Watch. Glimpse saves your mobile data by refreshing your webpages in certain time intervals.

If you want to open a page quickly, you can do it from by pressing on the Widget and your page will be opened in Safari

You can add multiple widgets for different webpages to your Homescreen. Press firmly on the widget choose edit widget to select your webpage and desired refresh interval.

Features of Glimpse 2:

  • Add a page to a Homescreen widget

  • When adding you can scroll to a certain area of the page. The widget keeps this position, so that you are always in the right place (Note: Glimpse works best with mobile optimised webpages)

  • Individual refresh intervals for your widgets

  • You can open webpages from the widget